Dollar Smart: Money Matters
news and financials from San Diego California

DollarSmart was founded in the late 1970's in Canada as a check cashing business before migrating south for its much lauded U.S.A. expansion. Loyally serving the last quarter of the 20th century. Dollarsmart and amidst a backdrop of unprecedented econmoic turbulence, were a foundation ito the communities it served. Relied upon by the people, with a consistency and stability that set the standard by which countless other loan services could only admire and rarely immitate. The metronome by which a burgeoning industry could take its lead.

Though we are proud to carry the name and what it represents to its dedicated loans clients, we as the operators of the web address wish to disclaim we are a separate legall entity and not currently offering payday loans cash advances or other money products. not serving Ventura or San Diego, Chula Vista, or El Cajon. At least no in a cash advance or Loan capacity. Rather, this space is being used for news, information and money matters; financial 'going ons' relevant to those who would be or are actively using short term cash and loan solutions. again from a informational perspective.

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